SEACLN hands over Veterans’ documents to AMRT

Gil da Costa Monteiru ‘Oan Soru’, Secretary of State for the Affairs of National Liberation Combatants, recently handed over to the East Timorese Resistance Archive & Museum  (AMRT) documentation related to the registration and verification procedures for Veterans (see here).

The documents concern files that were assessed between 2003 and 2009 and by entrusting them to AMRT, the Secretary of State fulfills the obligations in  art. 22 of the Statute of the Combatants of National Liberation (Law no. 3/2006, as amended by Law no. 9/2009 and Law nº 2/2011, see here). It is now up to the State to regulate the use of and access to those records.

The Secretary of State explained that there are still files to be verified but that work was suspended in 2019 as a result of the political and budgetary situation and later also of the COVID-19 pandemic.

On the same occasion, Antoninho Baptista Alves ‘Hamar’, AMRT’s Director, underlined the importance of the hand-over for the preservation of the memories of the witnesses of the struggle for national liberation. He also recalled the work carried out by AMRT since 2002 to  preserve, digitize and make available online documents related to the Resistance.
The AMRT website is currently not available and its documentation can only be examined using the Casa Comum portal established by Fundação Mário Soares.

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