This website evokes the memory of the East Timorese students who expressed their yearning for action and for building their own identity by establishing their own House in Lisbon in 1974 – the Casa dos Timores – between colonialism and independence, between the past and the future.

By taking over their name, we aim to make this a collaborative project that will serve to share resources with those who have an interest in the history, heritage and cultures of Timor-Leste. We wish to set up information networks and to make that information available to those who want to generate knowledge about Timor-Leste and reflect upon it.

There is a long history of individual and institutional initiatives that should come together and collaborate with one another. Universidade Nacional Timor Lorosa’e (UNTL) disclosed plans to establish a Departament of History and Heritage. Several seminars convened in Timor-Leste confirm that there is an interest in the country’s history. Other institutions and initiatives also seek to preserve, study and make known the history and cultures of Timor-Leste (CAVR, AMRT, ANTL, CAMSTL, OPMT’s history project, CO25, Dare Memorial Museum, Balibó House Trust, etc.).

The website features several tabs that compile up-to-date information about events (conferences, seminars and other meetings), publicationsinstitutions & resources (universities, archives, museums, etc.). It also includes a tab for commentary where the website’s partners will write short pieces (max. 500 words) about the history, heritage and cultures of Timor-Leste to draw attention to relevant aspects thereof or to comment on specific circumstances, statements, etc. related to those topics.

This project welcomes external contributions, but the initiators of the Casa dos Timores website  reserve the right to amend or not to publish unsolicited texts. The texts will be published in Timor-Leste’s two official languages and in English whenever possible.

Please send your comments, criticisms or suggestions to:

Source – Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection East Timor (Timor-Leste) Maps, East Timor (Shaded Relief) U.S. Central Intelligence Agency 2003 (231K) pdf format (234K), Consulted in June 15th 2020.

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Lucas Brandão
Inês Amorim