OPMT’s exhibition turned into a book

Buibere Hamrik Tuba Rai Metin Ukun Rasik An (The Buiberes arose and stood their ground for independence) is an exhibition organised by a research committee on the history of the struggle of East Timorese women (CPEHLMT) and by OPMT, the popular organisation of East Timorese Women, assisted by RDTL’s Office to Support Civil Society. The exhibition tells the story of the involvement of East Timorese women in the struggle for independence between 1974 and 1999.

Until now, the exhibition was on display at the Timorese Resistance Archive & Museum (AMRT). As part of the celebrations of National Veterans’ Day, OPMT has announced that the contents of the exhibition will be launched in book form on March, 8 International Women’s Day, by the President of the Republic, Francisco Guterres ‘Lu Olo’.

(see here; here; and here)

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