Public launch of TLSA’s 2019 Conference Proceedings

Timor-Leste Studies Association (TLSA) held its 2019 conference at Universidade Nacional Timor Lorosa’e (UNTL) in September of that year. The public launch of its proceedings will take place on 10 September 2020 at the online conference convened by TLSA-Portugal (see here).

The papers of the 2019 conference were collected in three volumes that can be downloaded here

Volume 1 features papers on a variety of subjects, including an assessment of TLSA’s 15 years in existence (‘The Timor-Leste Studies Association 2005-2020: An Expanding Global Network of Scholarship and Solidarity’ by Clinton Fernandes, Michael Leach and Hannah Loney); a paper on the East Timorese Resistance Archive & Museum with a proposal regarding itineraries of relevant Resistance sites (‘AMRT Nu’udar Fatin ne’ebé Dada Turista sira: Proposta kona-ba Roteiru Sira Rezisténsia Nian’ no ‘O AMRT como Atracção Turística: Proposta de Roteiros da Resistência Timorense’ by Joana Matilde Gaio); a comparative analysis of Mário Carrascalão’s writings about the events of 1975 produced at different moments in time (‘Memória e Narrativa: Mário Viegas Carrascalão e os Trágicos Acontecimentos de 1975′ by Rui Graça Feijó) and a survey of archival material held by the  Clearing House for Archival Records on Timor from the viewpoint of women’s experiences during the Indonesian occupation (‘Reading the CHART Archives for Women’s Experiences during the Indonesian Occupation’ by Annie Pohlman).

Volume 2, edited by Clinton Fernandes and Mica Barreto-Soares, is a thematic volume dedicated to the events of  1999 and includes the following papers: ‘The Transnational Timor Solidarity Movement as History: Public Rhetoric and International Clandestinity’ by David Webster; ‘Timor Sea Oil and Gas as a Factor in Australia’s Policy Response to an Independent East Timor 1998-1999’ by Kim McGrath; ‘Indonesian Solidarity with the Struggle for Timor-Leste’s Independence in the 1990s’ by Max Lane; ‘The Day Hope and History Rhymed in East Timor’ by Patrick Walsh; ‘Remembering James Dunn’ by Peter Job; ‘Music as a Medium Advocating for Change: The Audio-Visual Pieces of Martin Wesley-Smith, a Musical Protagonist for the East Timorese’ by Roslyn Dunlop; ‘Solidarity in the Field — Observing Timor-Leste’s Consultation’ by Charles Scheiner and Pam Sexton; ‘The Victim Interprets History’ by Susan Connelly; ‘Norwegian Solidarity in the 1990s’ by Yiannis Tavridis; and ‘The Collapse of Indonesian Policy in 1999’ by Clinton Fernandes.

Volume 3 is also a thematic volume dedicated to agricultural topics, in particular the progress and challenges in agricultural production and developing markets, plant diseases and invasive species, local poultry farming, use of geographic information systems and monitoring of biodiversity.

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