Centro Nacional Chega! completes survey of historical sites & supports biographies of historical leaders

Aventino Ximenes, Head of Archives at Centro Nacional Chega! announced that CNC had completed a survey of historical sites related to Timor-Leste’s recent history in six municipalities – Dili, Aileu, Ermera, Ainaru, Manatutu and Baukau – although it could not be finalized in the latter due to the COVID-19 outbreak (see here).

The task was carried out over three years and CNC collaborated with several partners that did the research work. For Dili, CNC signed a MoU with UNTL which researched four sukus for CNC’s programme Komunidade Ida, Istória Ida (One Community, One History) (see here). There are plans to extend the programme to Timor-Leste’s other nearly 400 sukus. CNC is counting on students to do the work. 

On the same occasion, Aventino Teixeira revealed that in 2018 CNC worked with Father Martinho Gusmão on a book on Nicolau Lobato’s ideas. Research work is also under way for a biography of Francisco Xavier do Amaral, Timor-Leste’s first president.

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