Hatutan Memória: sharing memories between generations

Centro Nacional Chega! (CNC) plans to put out several books to celebrate its third anniversary, on July 17. One of the books, Hatutan Memória, which means to join/extend memories, includes interviews made by 51 students with their parents, uncles, aunts or grandparents (here).

It is the first edition of work carried out by students to document the lives of their own relatives. The aim of this initiative is to raise awareness for the importance of preserving people’s memories and conveying them to the younger generations. It is an educational approach to history and memories, focused on collecting the stories of common people and not only those of the country’s leaders, as explained by a CNC representative (here)

Among other publications, o CNC will also put out a book on the Comarca Balide building, aimed at promoting historical tourism.

On the same occasion, CNC will award certificates to two UNPAZ and one UNTL student who have written dissertations on historical subjects and human rights.

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