Timor-Leste: The Island and the World. International Conference TLSA-PT

New Format: Online Conference

Registrations Are Now Open

The organizing committee of the International Conference “Timor-Leste: The Island and the World” decided to adapt the event to an online conference due to current restrictions to mobility and public gatherings caused by the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide.

The 1st TLSA-PT International Conference, organized with the support of UAb, CES-UC and AIA-SEAS, will be held online on 7-11 September 2020, aiming to bring together scholars from different nationalities interested in discussing Timor-Leste: the Island and the World. We welcome everybody who does research locally to understand the realities of Timor-Leste, as well as researchers in all parts of the world who aim to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in all its multiple dimensions.

In the wake of previous TLSA initiatives, this conference will focus on the broad field of Social Sciences and Humanities including History, Anthropology, Sociology, Geography, Psychology, Gender Studies and others. It is open, however, to contributions from all scientific fields, such as Agriculture and other Sciences, and interdisciplinary studies.

Text from: https://2020.tlsa.pt/en/

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